Karlie Kloss on 'It' Models, Education and Being Discovered

American model Karlie Kloss may be hugely successful now, but when she thinks back on how it all began, she sees such a drastic change that she can't help but laugh. She spoke about being discovered: "It's funny when you actually say it out loud. I was discovered at 13 in a mall in St. Louis. You know, I'd never been on an airplane, actually -- funny now that I think about it. Now I live on airplanes. I live at 30,000 feet." 

The model is now a Fashion Week veteran and sees how quickly some models can fade away after being an 'it' model for a short length of time: "It's kind of shocking how much turnover there is in my industry. Models will be successful for one fashion week season. So they'll be the 'it girl' for a month, but the reason why I haven't burnt out is because I keep myself -- I feed myself with so many other things."

Beginning later this year, Karlie will become a full-time student at New York University, and she is dedicated to studying hard after putting her education on hold to first pursue her career as model. She commented: "I will be bringing my school books to studios, I will be studying on planes." 

With many fashion collaborations already under her belt, Karlie hopes to continue the huge success she has had, and she enjoys trying new business ventures. She explained that it's part of what drives her: "I hope to do all of these things, and more, for a very long time. And I think that's the challenge; to remain as hungry and inspired and driven as I am today. I hope I always feel this way."

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