Malaika Firth on Racial Diversity, Money & Happiness

British beauty Malaika Firth has opened up on the lack of racial diversity during Fashion Weeks and in the fashion industry in general. She comments that it is still a problem, but not one she thinks can be solved by just speaking up. She explained: "The lack of racial diversity is a prevalent issue in modelling but I try to ignore it. If you talk about it and try to make it an issue, then it's still going to be there. I think a lot of people my age don't see the racism, and if we can just carry on trying to do better for ourselves, then I think it will be fine." 

 Malaika adds that she puts her own happiness before making money, although she is glad that she is financially secure: "I don't put money above happiness but it is important because it provides security, and part of the reason I am working so hard right now is to make money. I'm proud to be a 20-year-old who is financially secure." 

 The model says that she likes to think of herself of a good role model, and thinks others who are also doing well to promote positive attitudes: "I think I'm a good role model. I'm a young person doing very well and there aren't a lot of people right now who are doing that. Fellow models Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne and I are inspiring the younger generation to do good."

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