Alexa Chung Says She Doesn't Know How to Talk About Clothes

She may be a style expert and has even designed several clothing collections of her own, but British beauty Alexa Chung says she can't talk about clothes. She says she simply can't translate what she means in words when it comes to fashion: "I don't know really what to talk about with clothes. I'm alright designing and wearing them, but when I have to talk about them I feel like I'm in an art class, kind of like 'well this represents sadness' so I'm just going to give you the names of them." 

 Alexa recalls how during her early years as a relatively unknown model, she would want to interfere with what she was wearing and style her outfits differently: "I actually used to do this for French Connection. I kept wanting to be like 'don't do black, do it in red,' and they'd be like 'you're fired'."

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