Anja Rubik Explains the Process of Creating Her Debut Scent

Polish model Anja Rubik recently released her first scent, 'Original by Anja Rubik' - but she reveals it's been four years in the making and has been a very personal process. The model explains that she wasn't willing to just slap her name on a fragrance: "It was about four years ago that the concept first came into my mind. I've advertised a lot of fragrances over the years but it wasn't really me doing it - I'd embody the vision of a designer. I thought it'd be really amazing to put something out there that was me, and represented my own vision of beauty, my aesthetic, my smell. I looked around a lot of fragrances that came out under the names of actresses or singers and I thought: 'They could do this in such a beautiful way' - but a lot of those fragrances are very sweet or very kitsch. I wanted to create something that was 100 per cent me." 

Anja comments that she would only allow the final scent to be one she absolutely loved personally, and would only test in on close friends and family: "This is my world, my vision, and if people respond to it then that's amazing, but I didn't want to put something out that that everyone would like. Something easy. I didn't want to do mass tests - I wanted something I believe in, rather than pleasing everyone. That was important for me. There were about 20 close friends and family who helped test it - my mum was the worst because she'd spray herself with all three samples and say: 'But they smell so good combined!' - but everyone from my husband to all my friends did help. But at the end of the day it's my baby. I had a lot of headaches, I got nauseous - smelling things all the time does that to you. It was a year-and-a-half-long process."

Speaking on the striking design of the bottle itself, Anja said she wanted it to reflect her own style: "I wanted it to be black and white because that's my style, the whole mood board was black and white. I wanted it very graphic and modern, like a lot of my fashion, but then with that element of surprise, which is at the back. Everyone was telling me: 'Be careful with white, because it gets dirty, you're always grabbing it,' but that's the whole idea - it's yours."

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