Anja Rubik:"I’m a Big Feminist and For Female Empowerment"

Polish model Anja Rubik has spoken on the topic of feminism, commenting that she identifies herself as a feminist and even wanted to translate this message when creating her new scent, 'Original by Anja Rubik'. The model explained: "I’m a big feminist and for female empowerment. I’m very comfortable identifying as one. Nowadays, it is so hard to be a woman. With magazines and TV and social media, it’s all about how to be, how to look, what to say, and it’s so easy to lose yourself. I thought it would be incredible to inspire young women to find their own originality and thoughts, for them to create their own world and go back to their roots. The name of the fragrance, Original, comes from that and because I wanted to create something of my own. The scent is lily-inspired because I love lilies, and the black-and-white packaging is inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography. Lilies are a flower that is very minimalist and fragile, but at the same time is a symbol of erotica. As women, we are strong and very sensual and erotic, even at times when we need to be quite powerful. It’s a touch of quiet strength." 

 Anja also adds that she believes being a model is a "feminist job": "I consider modeling to be a feminist job. It’s an incredible job; it’s one of the ones where women get paid more than men. If you’re good at your job, you get to be very creative and it opens very many doors, like I did with my magazine, 25, and perfumes. You get quite a bit of a following and an impact on young women and girls. You can do something very positive with that. Nowadays, it’s not as glamorous as people think. But it can open your mind to many, many things."

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