Cara Delevingne: "I Was a Very Weird Gremlin, Awkward-Looking Child"

British beauty Cara Delevingne has revealed that she never thought she could be a model. Growing up, she believed she looked like a "weird gremlin" and she never realised her look could be appealing. She said: "I never thought people would actually want me to be a model. I was a very weird gremlin, awkward-looking child." 

She adds that during her younger years, she was a "big tomboy" and didn't think too much about beauty: "I was a feral kid, a big tomboy. Beauty wasn't important at all and it still isn't in a way." 

 Speaking on the topic of romance, Cara comments that she does enjoy the chase: "I'm someone who loves to chase; I'm a bit of a predator but not in a weird way. But I do love a chase and I also love to be chased. It depends on how your chemistry works."

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