Crystal Renn Shares Her Unique Beauty Secrets

Model Crystal Renn has shared some of her unique beauty secrets, including a lip trick which she says makes her skin look instantly tighter. She commented that she uses witch hazel pads on her lips: ''I have this lip trick - I have these exfoliating witch hazel pads, and I do like a real scrub with them on my lips. I go inside the mouth, which brings blood forth to the lips. You look like you just had Botox, which I won't do. But if I need bigger lips immediately, for a shoot or something, I can do this, and it really works.'' 

She usually skips skincare products, instead just using olive oil to hydrate her skin: ''I take pure organic olive oil and make myself a salad on my face. Skin immediately receives olive oil, where it's harder for lotions to absorb as fast. I rub it all over my body then wash it off so I'm not a grease thing.'' She does yoga to relax after a stressful day: ''Sometimes when I come home, I'll do midnight yoga just to deal with my emotional self before going to bed. The day is confusing, it's intense, it's whatever, and I really believe in a sound mind before I go to bed - if that means doing yoga until 1am, so be it.''

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