Gemma Ward Looks Gorgeous at Coke Life Launch Event

Australian model Gemma Ward has been continuing her comeback to the spotlight, most recently appearing at a Coke Life launch event. Wearing a white dress with nude heels, the model looked fresh-faced and beautiful for the appearance. She also recently spoke about motherhood and her career. She admits that her body has changed with her emotions: "I've always been kind of an emotional person and it's always reflected itself in my body. So whether or not that was when I first started [modelling] or whether it was when I was thinner or bigger, it was always kind of a way it manifested from inside."

Speaking on being a mother to her daughter Naia, Gemma says she feels she is in a good place now: "I feel really good. I feel strong because I feel really womanly and I feel like I can appreciate it [my career]. I really love the job that I've been doing. I feel like when you have a child you can see it for its beauty."

Gemma says she isn't strict with herself when it comes to diet: "I don't follow anything [a diet regime] in particular but I do incorporate different recipes from different diets and I do like a lot of macrobiotic meals. I like to keep balance and incorporate all the things I've learnt through different diets. I feel now I have a bit more of a relaxed attitude."

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