Gemma Ward Says She Has No Regrets, Working on Shopping App

Australian model Gemma Ward has made a return to the spotlight, walking at the Prada show, appearing in the label's campaign and now attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia - the fashion industry and excited to have her back both on the catwalk and on the front row. Speaking about her current career plans, Gemma comments that she has a few projects in the works: "I’m an ambassador for Coke Life, I am doing a bit of modelling, [I attended] Fashion Week and I’m developing a website, and obviously looking after my baby." Speaking more on her website, Gemma reveals it will be personal, but she's also developing a shopping app: "It will probably be centred around my travels with my partner and we’ll be shooting fashion. I also want to do a shopping app; it’s just in development at the moment." 

She explains that she took a career break because there were many other things she wanted to try: "I made the choice to do it. I wanted to step back and there were a few things I wanted to do. I took those chances and then I just kind of kept going with it and it became like this long, novel, kind of interesting and kind of crazy thing that I was exploring. It was so fascinating. I was really delving into who I was and finding the strength and just writing and playing music and exploring the world and falling in love and doing all kinds of things." She adds that she has no regrets about the break: "No, because it was something that I needed to do. As much as it was a choice, it was also a necessity for me as well. So I took the time and I was happy, too. I felt like it was the right decision for me. I came out a lot stronger. I’m glad that I took the time."

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