Karlie Kloss on Feminism & Being "Numbed to Celebrity"

American model Karlie Kloss has shared her thoughts on feminism, explaining that she simply finds it difficult not to be one. She also believes she is good at adapting and it comes with her job. She commented: "I grew up in a house with four women—it's hard not to be a feminist. I feel a bit like a chameleon. Not only in the way that I can adapt to different circles and feel really at ease, but it is part of my job to be a chameleon. I find it a challenge to physically take on a different character at each show." 

 Karlie reveals that after meeting many celebrities who she has admired, she now realises they are very normal and she is numbed to the idea of fame: "I'm a bit numbed by celebrity at this point. It's being able to get to know people I have admired from afar and actually recognizing that everyone's just a normal person. I see people more for who they actually are." 

 Commenting on her plans for education, Karlie says she isn't rushing to get a degree, but does want to study what interests her: "I'm not in any rush to get a degree in four years. I'm figuring out how I'm going to balance it all, but I am planning to take a class in the fall. I definitely could not get a job as a coder yet. But it is something I am fascinated by, even if it is not the profession I choose. Simply having the comprehension of the way that it works, having the ability to speak that language and to be able to not only comprehend it, but write and build something—the world is built on code."

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