Abbey Lee Kershaw Talks to Interview About Her Acting Career

Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw recently made the move into acting and now she has spoken on the career change. Abbey appears in the just released film 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and will also star in upcoming film 'Gods of Eygpt'. She addressed how she approached her 'Mad Max' role: "There's nothing sexy about the choices that my character makes. I sat with the director for hours in the wardrobe room, and we worked out an outfit. We're all in minimal sorts of clothing, but I chose nothing that pushed my boobs up. It's tomboyish." 

 Abbey always disliked the lack of creative opportunity during fashion photo shoots: "The hair, the makeup, the photographer—it's all their artistic expression, and you just become the finished product. It's mind-numbing." The model is now involved in various artistic projects and says it gives her a form of release: "It's cathartic and at the same time hard to go back and re-experience things that you would maybe rather just let settle at the bottom of whatever pond you have in your gut."

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