5 Models Who Are Vegans

Switching over to a vegan diet, these 5 models have all explained why they made the choice they did or what benefits they've seen from cutting out meat and all animal products. Some say they have felt physically better after the change, while others made the choice on ethical grounds and have commented on feeling strongly about their diet. 

Catherine McNeil

Catherine explained that becoming a vegan has made her feel healthier: "I have energy and clarity...physically my hair is good my eyes are clear my skin is good..there's just a sparkle in my eye. I've been working with a few different people and I have this one guy I see regularly, he's, I guess you'd say a healer of sorts. He's great and helps alot. So the good eating just helps with all that."

Kat Hessen

Kat found that becoming a vegan cleared up some health problems: "I've been a vegan for almost two years. When I started eating better, my stomach problems, bad skin, and achiness all went away. I also found that I could run a lot faster and longer without getting tired."

Lily Cole

Lily says she made the diet change after having a dream about it: "I dreamed that I became vegan and I woke up feeling really good about it. I thought, 'This feels great and I'm going to stay like this'."

Myf Shepherd

Speaking on keeping up her vegan diet while on the go, Myf said: "Sometimes I take things like muesli bars, soy chips, vegan jerky, cereal and biscuits from New York overseas for emergencies. But it's pretty easy to find vegan food at supermarkets everywhere in the world. Paris has the best soy yogurt I've ever tasted. And I generally don't stay in model apartments. I prefer to live on my own."

Simona Mcintyre

Simona went vegan to be more sustainable with her choices: "My reason for eating vegan wasn't about killing animals. I feel both plants and animals have life, either way I am going to respect the life that I consume for my own. I traditionally prepare everything I eat in a day myself to eat organic and sustainable foods, save money and ultimately know that I am going to enjoy my meal. Getting fresh foods is hard, but without them I know I don't feel my best. I usually have a lunch kit on me."

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