Andreja Pejic Wants to Prove Herself as a Model

Model Andreja Pejic, who has undergone a gender transition, has spoken on her struggle to be accepted, saying that many warned her against having the gender reassignment surgery because they thought it would negatively impact her career. Andreja now feels the need to prove that she can be just as successful as any female model: ''I do want to progress and prove that I can do what any female model can and be a good spokesperson for a brand. I have a lot I can contribute to women and their concept of beauty, their standing. It's exciting - it's always a learning process for sure, but I think I have some good stuff up my sleeve.'' 

 Andreja, who is already the current face of Makeup For Ever, also spoke on experimenting with her personal style, saying she goes through phases: ''I went through a rock 'n' roll phase, a grungy phase, and now I just want to do chic. All models go through stages, and although my stages have been a bit unique - I've done really cool, avant-garde stuff, and I'm happy to do whatever.''

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