Veronique Branquinho Resort 2016

Veronique Branquinho's youthful and simple Resort 2016 collection is all about dresses. The Belgian designer's stunning lookbook, set in a woods and featuring multiple models, was a search for authenticity. The designer spoke on her vision: "I need a really simple pace in my life. I just long for simple, authentic things. That’s why I said with this collection, instead of making a whole story, let’s just focus on 15 dresses. This is how it started – with a return to simplicity. I think that there was a feeling of nature that was connected to that. That’s why we decided to go to a forest with the girls and the dresses. Like with my A/W15 collection, there are words hidden in the dresses: love, hope and faith. And in a skirt there is "wild at heart", like the song or the movie by David Lynch, which I really love. It’s also a really nice state of mind — it’s an option to be wild at heart. To be free. Freedom from the rules."

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