Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Autumn 2015 Campaign

British beauty Alexa Chung has collaborated with AG Jeans for a second time, launching a new collection for Autumn 2015. Images from the new campaign have just landed and Alexa has spoken on working with the company again to create unique denim pieces: “I have always loved denim. It’s an easy, go-to fabric for bringing more feminine tops and high heels down to a more street-style and cooler [look]. I do find it difficult to find perfect jeans. Once you find them, you should buy a couple of pairs because it’s like gold dust.” 

Alexa says her inspiration has come from multiple sources: “I was interested in that book by photographer Karlheinz Weinberger. A lot of imagery associated with denim is male-centric and motorbike gang, set in the Seventies. I thought it would be good to create a fancy collection for a group of women that would be kind of badass, like the rebel youth kind. And then we introduced a lot of suede. I added a British element to it; there is a practicality and a kind of dorky secretary thing going on. But also a lot of it was inspired by friends like Sarah Walker in L.A., she dresses like ‘Game of Thrones’-meets-motorbike-gang. I know – wacky, right? The Walker coat in black suede with embroidery at the neckline and sleeves would be something she might wear.” 

 The full collection will have 30 pieces in total and hits stores on July 23rd.

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