Alexa Chung on Launching Her Fashion Label "It Seems Scary"

British beauty Alexa Chung has confirmed that she's launching her own fashion label, and that it has taken her so long because she has been eager to perfect the details. Alexa says the whole process is scary to her but she realises she just needs to push herself: ''Yeah, I'm going to (start my own fashion label). It seems scary. But everything else has been scary, in hindsight. It's just that I didn't have time to think about it. I need to revisit that attitude and get on with it. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, I've realised. You can learn as you go.''

Alexa has already designed several collections in collaboration with various brands, including her most recent line for AG. Speaking on how she designs, she commented: ''I wanted all those things myself, but lots of people said, 'Can't you do something that I can wear?' Like, 'Oh, for God's sake, grow up, Alexa.' I really wanted this skirt [A-line in a 1970s style] and little blouses. I do like a blouse. I just can't help myself. Even if I'm in California trying to do a girl-gang collection, I want to make things that are weather appropriate [for the UK]. I can't throw caution to the wind without putting a cagoule on.''

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