Cara Delevingne Says Models Aren't That Competitive

British model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne may have moved on to acting recently, but she has reflected on her years as a model, explaining that while there was always some competition, most models would be supportive of each other and she was always thrilled when her friends would book jobs. She explained that losing out to someone else is something you have to learn to move on from: ''I feel like people in modelling used to be competitive but, for me, if I didn't get a job and someone else did, it was like, of course there are so many prettier, taller, skinnier, whatever girls out there. It's not something you hassle over. And if your friend gets the job it's the best thing in the world because you're like, 'Yes! Someone I love got it.''' 

 Cara thinks young models have learnt to stick together and are now supportive of each other: ''I think it's just young girls doing what they do and sticking together. It's so nice when you do the same job but you support each other and you're there for each other.'' 


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