Cara Delevingne Talks About Her Drug Past & How Modelling Was Killing Her Soul

Cara Delevingne now rarely models. She has a burgeoning acting career and it has become her big priority. She is glad to have made the change, explaining that modelling was very draining and even soul destroying. She candidly commented: “It was killing my soul. It’s the lemon effect. I’ll pick you up, squeeze everything I can out of you and throw you away for the next one.” 

Commenting on the incident where she publicly dropped a bag of white powder which appeared to a be an illegal substance, Cara says the past no longer applies and she is not involved in drugs: “I was a kid, you know? I still am in so many ways, and I’m so lucky, but I think everyone needs a bit of a slap in the face, and a reminder that no one is invincible. That’s what it was for me. Especially with young people seeing the film, I want to be clear: I’m so far away from drugs that I couldn’t possibly be further way, and whatever happened in the past is in the past, it just doesn’t exist anymore.” 

 She's not willing to take on stupid roles: “The part of a Swedish model or an English one, where I die all the time, or stupid girls in, like, ‘American Pie 27’ … It felt crazy to turn down roles because I thought I’d do anything to be an actress, but I realized my dignity’s more important than that.” 

She doesn't care what people say, as long as she can act: “People can put you in whatever box: model, whatever. But if I just keep going and actually do it well, which I hope I can, then I hope people will give me more movies — and I’ll win an Oscar!”

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