Gemma Ward Talks Parenting & Motherhood Changes

Australian model Gemma Ward, who has a daughter Naia with partner David Letts, has spoken on how her life has changed since becoming a mother. Commenting on her personal parenting style, Gemma said: "I was gifted the Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff while I was pregnant and it became the cornerstone for my parenting style. I’ve tended to use my instinct but I of course ask my mother and my partner’s mother for advice as well." 

 On how her beauty routine changed while pregnant: "My beauty regime has always been pretty simple, but I stopped dying my hair while I was pregnant. I also was more conscious of what I put on my skin so I relied pretty heavily on coconut and sesame oil. Now I find that I enjoy putting on more makeup sometimes, although that might just be part of growing older!" Her lifestyle has changed: "It has changed my lifestyle, but I’m used to that by now! I still manage to train, to go out, to paint and play music, and spend time with friends and at the beach so I’m not complaining! My partner and I make sure we alternate taking care of Naia and ourselves and make the most of all the relatives who want to spend time with her to get stuff done!"

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