Suki Waterhouse Shares Her Beauty & Style Secrets

British model Suki Waterhouse has shared her beauty and style secrets. Revealing how she takes care of her hair and skin, Suki gives credit to her beauty team and says she often turns to coconut oil when in need of a quick fix. She commented that she also tries to take her makeup off and wash her skin before falling asleep: ''I will do crazy skincare things in the kitchen... I love coconut oil, so if I come home at night feeling all dry and like a fossil I'll put my hand in a jar of coconut oil and just mush it over my face. I'll put it in my hair, too, and sleep like my coat. Just kidding, I wouldn't do that in my coat. I do try to wash my face before I go to bed now, which I never really used to do. Sometimes, if it's really dire, I won't, but most times I get around to it, even if it's just with water.'' 

She adds that she often cuts her own hair but it doesn't always work out: ''I cut my own hair a lot ... and I'm always terrible at it,. Literally, thank God for my hair and makeup teams! Whenever I look half decent in a picture it's always thanks to them." 

 Suki thinks the most stylish people are those who create looks based on their own personality: ''The most stylish people aren't the most popular girls at school. When you are a thoughtful person or a vulnerable person, it's when you are making style choices that are real and true to yourself.''

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