Anja Rubik Shares Her Healthy Kale Shake Recipe

Polish top model Anja Rubik has shared her healthy kale shake recipe which she swears by. The vegetarian says she adds extra spirulina to the recipe and although it's packed with greens, it actually tastes like caramel. She shared: "I make a lot of shakes at home. My kale shake is insane! It’s kale, coconut water, coconut milk, raw almonds and a date. It’s really high in iron but tastes like caramel. Because I’m vegetarian, I’ll add spirulina for extra protein. I don’t believe in fad diets though – that’s a big no-no for me." 

How she treats herself post-workout: "I love wearing a spritz of perfume after leaving a class. I’ve just created my own, called Original by Anja Rubik. I like scents to be fresh but sexy. It’s full of lilies, green tea, amber, pink peppercorns and thyme.After a long workout, I love to hit the sauna for ten minutes because it really relaxes your muscles. Then I take a cold shower – cold water is great for cellulite. If I know I’m going to go into the steam room, I’ll put a little bit of argan oil in my ponytail and coconut oil on my skin. I buy the stuff you use for cooking because it’s the most natural and feels amazing." 

 Her body inspiration: "I think Elle Macpherson looks amazing and Christy Turlington has beautiful skin. I like a healthy sporty look rather than a six pack. I think it’s more feminine to have a little bit of something there."

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