Freja Beha Erichsen on Being Labelled as an Androgynous Model

Danish beauty Freja Beha Erichsen regularly transforms in front of the camera. Her masculine street style is a big part of her appeal and the model has become known as an androgynous model over the years - but how does she feel about that label? Freja commented: “I became one of the androgynous models, which wasn’t that far out of my comfort zone." She added that as a child she was a tomboy away from the world of fashion: “I grew up playing soccer with the boys—quite far from reading magazines.” 

 The model says her life is now balanced, and she gets to do what she loves - which includes travelling and taking part in charity campaigns for Doctors With Borders. She said that she has no regrets: I love the process—collaborating with the photographers, traveling and seeing different cultures. My mother always said I would regret it if I didn’t do it. And I think she was right.”

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