Karlie Kloss on How to Last in the Fashion Industry

American model Karlie Kloss has shared her thoughts on how to last in the fashion industry. Karlie believes a good balance is key and she says having some time off is essential: "Being able to find a balance between your career, outside interests and personal life. My family’s support keeps me going and taking time off to spend with them is what has allowed me to stay driven." When asked what she thinks about while on the catwalk, Karlie responded: "I focus on the woman I’m embodying. At an Oscar de la Renta show, I think about elegance; at Alexander Wang, it’s all about attitude and independence." 

 On what she'd like to be remembered for in years to come: "I hope my career spans decades and can be looked back on! If I can show one girl that you can do whatever you set your mind to, I will be thrilled." She enrolled in university because she didn't want to let her education slip: ''I didn't want to wait until I'm 30 to continue learning and challenging myself in new ways.''

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