Photographer Lina Scheynius Explains Why She Quit Instagram

Fashion and art photographer Lina Scheynius stopped updating her Instagram - and now she has explained the reason behind her hiatus. Sharing a note to her followers, Lina wrote that she found it too engrossing and needed to take a step back to appreciate the real world again: 

dear followers,  
i haven’t posted for a few months and wanted to give you an explanation. i joined flickr in 2006. and then facebook and tumblr and instagram. for almost 9 years i have sent my photographs out to the world through the internet and gotten a response back. i have mostly received praise for my work. watching the likes and comments come in became a normal part of my life. it’s been amazing, and definitely inspired me to keep working. but instagram just got too much for me. so instant and it is always possible to check it, and so many people are on it. i was addicted. i had a load of anxiety earlier this year and i thought instagram was a way to relieve my anxiety and so i spent a ton of time online, but i really think it just added to it. to my surprise i found myself having thoughts like “how do i get more instagram followers?”. in april i decided to delete the app from my phone and focus all my attention on the real world instead. and i am feeling better. i still take pictures and i still love taking pictures. maybe in the future i will be more present online again, i do not know yet. i wanted to say hi anyway and thank you for always being so amazingly supportive.  
loads of love  

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