Poppy Delevingne Speaks on Sister Cara's Overnight Fame

British beauty Poppy Delevingne has opened up on her sister Cara's almost instant fame. Poppy says that at one point, both sisters were just as popular on Instagram and then she remembers the moment when Cara's account suddenly experienced a huge surge in popularity seemingly overnight:  "Believe it or not, there was a time when Cara and I had the same amount of social media followers. When we were on vacation together, we went to bed one night and the next day it had imploded. She had all these followers and suddenly I saw the power of it and where it took her. She was this megastar, with social media her weapon of choice." 

Poppy says she loves Instagram because it's a way to show her personality and interact with people: "It's a conversation. It doesn't have to be, "Look at these boots that I own or look at these sunglasses I just bought." It's more like, "This is my vibe, I'm putting it out there, what do you think?" It's so nice that we get to share that with the world."    

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