Style Icon: Patti Smith

Patti Smith is a woman of many talents - musician, poet, artist - and as well as many accomplishments in the music and art worlds, she has also become iconic for her androgynous sense of personal style. Fusing an array of influences to cultivate a wardrobe that was like no other during her rise to fame in the 70s, Patti's style was part beatnik, punk, bohemian and masculine - it was an amalgamation of all her passions, a pure creative force without restraint letting loose, allowing itself to move without being bound by a particular trend or movement. 

Regularly sifting through second hand stores and re-designing items she had found, Patti wore ripped t-shirts, loose suits, slouchy sweaters - often favouring items that looked more typically masculine than feminine and adding badges, scarves and jewellery to complete her ensembles. Take a look back at some of Patti's most original outfits.

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