Andreea Diaconu on Her Career & Romanian Upbringing

Romanian model Andreea Diaconu now lives in NYC and she has spoken on the city that she now calls home. Andreea says she loves the city also is also a big fan of travelling: "I love living in New York. Everybody is interesting – they influence you in different ways. I also love going to amazing places, like Argentina, Mexico and Spain, and meeting new people. Modelling definitely opens doors to many other things." 

Speaking on the moment her career took off, Andreea reveals there were times when she was so shocked by what was going on:  "The first time I shot for US Vogue – I didn’t expect that. And when I got confirmed for Mario Sorrenti for Italian Vogue, I was like, “What the hell, is this real?”"

She admits she did burn herself out early on and had to take a break:"I was travelling every single day. I wasn’t sleeping, I didn’t have any friends, and my brain stopped working. I rationalised it by telling myself that I was young, that I could do this, and that people work in hospitals for 20 hours a day. But I ended up sick and wanting to quit everything."

She grew up modestly and learnt how to enjoy the simple things in life: "I grew up in a very modest family with my mother and grandmother. It was a regular childhood enjoying the simple pleasures in life. The only thing that made me sad was that I wanted to take classical piano lessons or learn to play another instrument, but that cost money so I couldn’t do it."

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