Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic Separation Confirmed

Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic Separation Confirmed

Polish model Anja Rubik and Serbian male model Sasha Knezevic married in 2011 in Mallorca. After many rumours in the Polish media regarding their divorce, Anja's father Andrzej has confirmed that the couple are currently separated. Fuelling the rumours, Anja had not shared any photos of her husband via her instagram account for at least a year. Andrzej commented to Polish 'Show' magazine that he visited the couple in Mallorca during the summer when they decided to split. He explains that they're no longer together and taking a break currently: "In the summer we were together in Mallorca. And everything was fine. Just one point we both concluded that it will be good if they do take a break. They need time to myself to think and sort out everything." 

Andrzej shot down the speculation that the couple fell out over money because of Anja's 25 magazine which Sasha has been a part of, explaining that the magazine had nothing to do with their separation: "This is all nonsense. They are still close. Sasha called me recently to wish me a happy birthday. And he said that they were together at dinner. They still have a friendship. As for the magazine, in the time of its founding, everything was carefully written out and determined, if he has a stake. So there is nothing to fight for. They took a break. It is the only truth. The rest of the information that appeared in the media is a lie."

UPDATE: Anja has now confirmed the separation personally. She commented: "The truth is that we have actually been split up for a while. It is not true that we fight. We talk every day on the phone. We love each other still, but our lives overshoot. The projects help me, that I cut off from that and focus on something else."

Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic Separation Confirmed

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