Arizona Muse Discusses Sexuality, Instagram & Friendship

American model Arizona Muse has shared some of her thoughts on a mixture of subjects close to her heart. Speaking on social media, the top model explains that Instagram has become an important tool in the fashion industry but it often conflicts her: "I haven’t been working for very long. My career is one of the shortest ones. And I’ve seen so much change already. The Instagramming! I don’t want to see what someone’s having for breakfast every day. And I forget to take selfies. So many missed selfie opportunities! And then when I do it I wonder, “Oh my god, is this weird? Are people going to think I’m showing off?” It’s a weird feeling of insecurity and wondering if anyone is going to like the picture." 

Commenting on friendship, Arizona says that have good friends around her is essential and it allows her to talk openly: "It’s better than therapy because you get to talk through your problems while still having fun together. I’ve become a lot clearer about my boundaries. Like, this is what’s going to happen, this is what I’m OK with. And I’ve learned to read people better." 

 On the subject of sexuality, Arizona explains that people need to simply stop making it such a big deal: "I think that bisexuality and heterosexuality and homosexuality all exist, and they all need to be honoured. And I also think that, in a way, sometimes we’re just making too big a dealout of it. It’s like, just let people do their thing and move on."

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