Pat McGrath Labs - Gold 001

Pat McGrath, one of the most prominent makeup artists in the fashion industry, has just launched her own beauty line. Releasing just one product to begin with, Pat McGrath Labs unveiled an innovative new product - Gold 001 - which was used in the creation of the Spring/Summer 2016 Prada beauty look. The makeup artist intends to release limited-edition and limited-run products via her website. Her first release, the special gold product has multiple uses. 

She explained: “You can use it as an eyeliner for a Studio 54 look, put it on top of a shadow, blush or lipstick, or use it as a body paint.” The product costs $40 which includes Mehron Mixing Liquid and a metal spatula, as well as a “second-life container. We’re doing that because if it breaks — and it may, because the formula is volatile — it’s not the end of the world,” she said. “You just scoop it into the other container.”

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