Prada Olfactories: Surreal Campaign Images

Prada Olfactories fragrances are accompanied by surreal campaign images which feature collaged body parts, flowers, smoke and more. Inspired by dreams, the 10 fragrances are made to inspire customers and take them into a different world. Perfumer Daniela Andrier explained: “the accompanying visual collages on each of the fragrances represent a dream. Dreams are really impressions when you awake. The colors and feeling are all broken up in one’s mind, and that’s how these fragrances were constructed—that these are possibly memories that belong to them, the consumers. Prada is a whole universe that I can relate to. It’s a brand that gives me inspirations, because it’s a brand that is very rich in impressions. There’s a Prada language—a language I can understand—and it’s exciting to be very close to the universe that is always in progress.”

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