Gemma Ward Used to Pretend to by Her Cousin to Avoid Fans

Gemma Ward covers the January 2016 issue of Vogue Australia, as photographed by Lachlan Bailey. The top model also discusses her career and reveals that in the past, she used to hate being recognised on the street and would pretend to be her cousin because she was worried about living up to people's expectations. She explained: “I’d say that it definitely wasn’t me. I feel really bad about that now. If they’re out there, I’m sorry. I might still have a bad morning and claim to be my cousin. But I am definitely much more accepting of myself and that is why I’m not hiding as much.”

The top model also explains that she felt embarrassed and confused by her own success: “I was slightly embarrassed and I felt bad that it was maybe happening to me and not my sister, who really wanted it to happen. I knew it was a big deal, but I was also aware that I was very lucky, and that it doesn’t happen to everyone.” She adds that she left modelling behind to try and find something spiritually fulfilling: “I think a lot of my leaving modelling was trying to search for something spiritual, in a funny way. And so there’s been a lot of delving deep into that world and then coming out and then gaining and losing and gaining again.”

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