Inside Caroline Brasch Nielsen's Chanel-Filled Wardrobe

Danish model Caroline Brasch Nielsen now lives in the Chelsea area of New York, and her personal wardrobe space is filled with many amazing pieces, including her extensive Chanel handbag collection. Caroline is known for her unique take on style, and she explains that she finds it hard to explain her look because it's so open: "It’s hard to describe my style because I wear so many different things and I love all colors. I do love to dress feminine yet boyish at the same time. I always have to add a bit of tomboy factor to my look so it's not overly girly." She adds that she rarely purchases vintage because she wants her pieces to last a long time: "I think I might be one of the few models who don’t shop vintage. The only exception is if it’s a rare Chanel jacket. In general I prefer to invest in quality pieces that I know will last forever; I don’t like the idea that something could fall apart after being worn for two months."

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