5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

 5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

Unwinding by stepping into the kitchen, these top models love to cook and bake, whipping up a feast whenever they get the chance. Some love health foods and creating meals for specific diets, while others love to indulge in sweet treats, burgers and exotic dishes from around the world.

1. Gigi Hadid
 5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

Gigi appeared on Celebrity Masterchef Special and won the show with her special 'Gigi' burger. The model explains that she loves to try out new things and is passionate about cooking: “I love cooking and I’m a big foodie. I’d love to be a judge on like Cupcake Wars. I could have a cooking show and like be happy.”

2. Jourdan Dunn
 5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

British model Jourdan Dunn is already known for her Youtube cooking show 'Well Dunn' and just announced her own cook book. The model says she particularly loves cooking with spices: "I'm a real spice fiend, so I love Thai food and south Asian food. My family are from the Caribbean so I love that as well. I tend not to go to restaurants to eat that kind of thing though; I prefer to cook at home."

3. Karlie Kloss
 5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

Karlie Kloss learnt how to bake from a young age by reading recipes and trying out simple dishes: "I learned by reading recipes. I was around 5 years-old and the first thing I really baked was like a Jiffy mix, which is a 99 cent cornbread mix that you essentially add water and an egg to. It’s like Easy-Bake Oven. I think that was my first real experience where I was like ‘I’m learning to read and I can make really yummy food because of it!’"

4. Miranda Kerr
 5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

Australian beauty Miranda Kerr is known for her very healthy diet and regularly creates veg-based dishes from her own vegetable patch: "I find the most satisfying food is food that's full of life, so it's raw and clean and organic. We have a vegetable patch in Los Angeles so when I get the veggies out and eat them from there I love that."

5. Peyton Knight 5 Models Who Are Foodies & Love to Cook

Peyton is passionate about clean eating and loves cooking vegan desserts: "I dabble some in baking, with a particular emphasis on gluten-free and vegan recipes. I love spending time in the kitchen and seeing how I can make mouthwatering desserts in the cleanest way possible. I’m not vegan, but I enjoy the challenge of making food for all types of diets.”

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