Gemma Ward on Model Mentoring, Image & Her Career

Gemma Ward on Model Mentoring, Image & Her Career

In a new interview, Australian model Gemma Ward opens up to The Daily Telegraph. The top model explains that she is still passionate about acting and it all began when she was just 7 years old. She hopes to help her own daughter Naia with becoming the person she wants to be too - but while also protecting her along the way: “I asked for an agent for acting when I was seven and I wouldn’t take no as an answer. I am in a unique position where I can mentor her (Naia) and tell her what to expect and also what to look out for because there are a lot of pitfalls and things you need to look out for. I think I would be quite protective but I wouldn’t dissuade her.” 

 Gemma is set to make a guest appearance on Australia's Next Top Model as a mentor and says she will give her opinions in a gentle way while on the show: “I don’t like critiquing people and hurting their feelings. I don’t want to be harsh, I’ll be delicate. In general in life it helps to have a thick skin but in this job it helps removing yourself from your whole identity, that can help.” 

She comments that she tries to stay grounded and won't get sucked into an image-obsessed world: “In today’s world with selfies and Instagram, you can get sucked into thinking that your image is everything so I think to cultivate an inner world is really important because that can shine through too. If you are just looking at the surface, you are kind of missing the point because beauty can also radiate from the inside out.” 

 Speaking on the future, Gemma says she takes things slowly now and only takes jobs when she feels positively about them: “I take it as it comes and if it is going too fast or if I don’t feel like doing a particular job, I won’t. I almost feel like I’ve done a degree in fashion and I can build on that as the years go by. If it is not through modelling, it can also be through other avenues because it is an education and you learn a lot about the industry, about creativity, how images are made and advertising.”

Gemma Ward on Model Mentoring, Image & Her Career

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