Top 8 Social Media Agencies 2016

As the fashion world embraces technology with increasing enthusiam, social media agencies have seen their influence burgeon as they more and more become an undeniably salient part of the overall structure of the fashion industry. Their influence is ostensibly subtle yet broad-ranging and omnipresent . They are responsible for some of the most popular social media campaigns initiated by the largest brands - such as Burberry's innovative use of Snapchat and Proenza Schouler's Instagram behind the scenes diary. Here we count down 8 of the most important social media agencies globally right now.

We Are Social

A big player, We Are Social is an award-winning agency that embraces a creative and forward-thinking approach to their social media solutions - a formula that has proved highly successful.

Visionaer Social Media

Innovative and fresh, this London-based agency specialises in maintaining a comprehensive database of the foremost influencers globally, complimenting a full range of brand services and management for influencers.

Ignite Social Media

This long-established agency was founded way back in 2007, As such, it's a market leader with vast experience working with some of the world's largest brands.


Working with the gaming, electronics and sports industries amongst others, Blitz specializes in building social campaigns and rich brand experiences that drive consumer engagement.

PSONA Social 

As one of the earlier social media agencies in Europe, the PSONA team use their considerable experience to devise plans in  brand strategy, shopper marketing and CRM to email marketing and data planning.


Providing B2B and B2C services for-profit and nonprofit brands of varying sizes, Firebelly Marketing offer advertising management, social media auditing and content development all with a focus on empowering their clients to achieve their social media goals.

Room 214

An agency founded of the mantra of building valuable relationships, Room 214 espouses a positive and karmic outlook to social media. Offering services in training workshops and thorough reporting, Room 214 combines education to the typically offered services.

Lyfe Marketing

A social media company dedicated to creating and managing high-performing social media campaigns, Lyfe Marketing offers comprehensive social media services to large and small businesses on a range of social media platforms.

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