Alexa Chung to Finally Launch Own Label

Alexa Chung to Finally Launch Own Label

We've been waiting for it to happen for so long and now it's finally confirmed: Alexa Chung will launch her own label and the first collection will be available from May 2017. The designs will be "contemporary-priced" and will include "denim, daywear, eveningwear, shoes and jewellery, as well as special products" according to BoF

Alexa commented that she felt the timing is now right and she's prepared for all involved: “I feel as though I’m kind of prepared to do it now. If it had been any time sooner than this, I either wouldn’t be responsible enough or have been able to take on this kind of feat. I just wanted the freedom to sort of make my own world, without someone else’s brand’s brief to stick to. That was so fun, but there are certain boundaries that come with doing something on behalf of someone else, [you] kind of have to keep within their design remit.”

Alexa Chung to Finally Launch Own Label

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