Anja Rubik on Her Personal Style & Fashion Icons

Anja Rubik on Her Personal Style & Fashion Icons

Polish model Anja Rubik has created her own unique sense of style. Opening up on her influences, Anja explains what she is drawn to when getting dressed: ''I consider myself a modern woman with a free spirit. My style is mix of tough and feminine. I like modern classics with a punk twist. It usually depends on my mood and what I have planned for the day but I always like to wear something that has an attitude, interesting details, and some wild element. It's important that I'm comfortable. I love a look that has an effortless case.'' 

Revealing her personal fashion icons, Anja says she loves the style of several strong figures: ''In general, I appreciate women with a strong sense of self and individuality. Patti Smith, Bridget Bardot, Debbie Harry, Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, David Bowie, Grace Jones.'' 

Commenting on her recent collaboration collection with French label IRO, Anja says she wanted to create a balance between pieces being classic and still modern: ''There's a timelessness with pieces that are both classic and cool. Each item is something special that I feel every woman should have in her wardrobe; from chic rock pieces to more minimal basics. The collection is meant to be mixed and paired together, creating an effortless vibe with a modern twist. I like the idea of creating fashion that looks and feels expensive at an accessible price point. The collection is really a reflection of my personal style. I wanted to include pieces that I would wear in real life, pieces that are my go-to favourites. It's the perfect balance between tough and sexy, feminine and masculine.''

Anja Rubik on Her Personal Style & Fashion Icons

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