Cracking the Dress Code

Cracking the Dress Code

For some, dress codes pose a problem, resulting in the recipient of an invitation that requires one to be propelled into an unbecoming frenzy of panic buying and wardrobe annihilation. Others take it in their stride, appearing to know precisely what to wear or each occasion. Should you belong in the former group, the correct attire to wear at a casino, a black tie event, or even what to don at cocktail hour can elude you. The importance of adhering to a dress code is paramount to ensure your host feels respected and you do not feel out of place at any event. Dress codes do not have to mean a uniform style, and you can still inject your own personality into an outfit no matter what the dress code.

With so many different occasions that require a specific dress code, you may require some assistance, which is why we have have created a guide to help you crack that sometimes difficult dress code.

A Night at the Casino
Cracking the Dress Code

As the popularity of casinos has grown, the need to dress as if you were going to the Oscars has decreased. However, it is expected that you will dress smartly. For men, jeans with a smart jacket is acceptable in the day and a suit at night, and for women, you may wish to wear a smart pant suit or dress in the evening, and a day dress or jeans and smart top during daylight hours. It can be stressful choosing what to wear for a night at the casino and add to that, if it is your first time, you may not know too much about casino games. You may wish to practice on a site like Betway Casino before you go, to ensure you feel completely at ease while you are there.

Black Tie

For men, this is simple: wear a Tuxedo - do not deviate from this. For women this is an opportunity to wear the most glamorous of gowns. Your dress should be elegant and preferably not too ostentatious. If this is a works event, then perhaps tone down the dress and opt for a little black dress with fabulous jewellery. However, if this is a high-end wedding or an awards do, then invest in a floor-length dress, which will have everyone swooning in your wake. Rule of thumb for Black Tie is to think about what you host is likely to wear and to follow suit.

Black Tie Optional

Sometimes options aren't always a good thing, and you may be concerned you will feel overdressed or under-dressed when you reach an event that states Black Tie is optional. However, this basically means you don't have to feel as if you need to go all out and wear a full length gown. A demure, shorter dress with beautiful accessories is all you require on this occasion. You should still feel dressed up, as if you would be comfortable attending a wedding in what you have chosen to wear. To be honest, when an invitation states Black Tie is optional it is better to be dressed up than under-dressed.

Cocktail Hour

Cracking the Dress Code

This is perhaps the simplest to decipher: men wear a smart suit and tie, and women wear a dress that hits the knee or above, team with heels and eye-catching jewellery. Feel free to wear a colourful dress, or if you feel more comfortable stick to a Little Black Dress. Dressing for Cocktail Hour is one of those events where you can really show your own personal style, so feel free to wear a quirky, yet elegant dress in a vibrant colour. Again it is important to assess the tastes of your host and to choose your outfit accordingly.

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