Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

These days, it is hard to imagine that eyewear was not mainstream at one point. Like clothing, glasses have gone through different trends over the years. Here are some of the major eyewear trends of yesteryear:


Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

Eyeglasses were just emerging during this decade and pince-nez (nose pinchers) were the in thing. These were worn by pinching the bridge of the nose, with some having ear loops or neck chains to prevent them from falling. Opera glasses, or lorgnettes, were the height of fashion and had decorated handles made from etched metals and corded horn.

Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

Nose pinchers gradually gave way to round glasses made from metal and celluloid, a delicate and highly flammable plastic. This was also the decade that saw the US Air Force Pilots don the first Ray Ban Aviators. These had polarized lenses to cut the sun’s glare while flying and were sold to the public later in the decade.

Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

Fashionable frames increased in popularity during this time thanks to celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe. Cat eye glasses made their debut and so did more flamboyant frames. It was common to sport glasses embellished with pearls, rhinestones and flowers and statement eyewear was the preferred choice.

Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

Take a look at pictures from the 1960s and 1970s and you cannot miss the big glasses that were part of the era. Bug-eye glasses took over to complement the hippy style and disco culture. Bigger was better and the more outlandish your glasses were, the cooler you seemed. This gave rise to oversized eyewear with oddly-shaped frames and bold pops of color.

Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

The over-the-top styles of the 1970s were abandoned for better quality frames and designs in the 1980s and 1990s. Aviators and wraparound glasses came into fashion accompanied by bi-colored frames and lenses. Celebrities such as Madonna and Tom Cruise played a role in popularizing wayfarers and Ray Bans.

Iconic Eyewear Trends Through the Decades

Glasses become more chic at the turn of the 21st century and gained resurgence with the rise of geek culture. No particular style really stood out as emphasis now turned to showcasing your individual style by choosing glasses that frame your face and bring out your personality.

While there might be a wider range of stylish glasses to choose from today, you can opt to ditch them in favor of contact lenses or laser eye surgery. Both these options are great if you want to have an active life without the hassle of wearing spectacles

Contact lenses are available in a variety of colors making it easy for you to pick those that match your style. LASIK surgery has also evolved thanks to the use of high-precision lasers, making the process as non-intrusive and low-risk as possible. You are sure to be impressed by the remarkable change to your sight after LASIK surgery, which allows you to live a more fulfilling life.

When it comes to eyewear, you are spoilt for choice. You can decide to go for simple designs or colorful and outlandish eyewear shapes and embellishments. The important thing to remember is to keep your eyes healthy by eating foods rich in vitamin A, taking regular breaks from screens and going for regular eye checks. Other than that, have fun experimenting with eyewear.

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