Lily Aldridge Shares Her Travel Beauty & Style Tips

Lily Aldridge Shares Her Travel Beauty & Style Tips

Model Lily Aldridge is constantly on the go and she's picked up a few beauty and style secrets that make travelling easier. Sharing her tips, Lily reveals some of her beauty essentials. She likes to keep her skin hydrated with water mists and always brings Epsom salts with her so she can have a rejuvenating bath when she reaches her destination: “Those little water bottle sprays—whether it’s rosewater or one of those Evian misters; they’re really great for when you’re on the airplane. And a good face mask, and a great lip balm. I always travel with Epsom salts because when I get somewhere after being on a plane for a long time, I can take a nice Epsom salt bath. I think fragrance is so important. Having one in your purse for when you get off a long journey—it’s something you can do to feel a little bit more glamorous, a little bit more alive. When you get off an airplane you don’t always feel your best, and that’s something that makes you feel good instantly.” 

 During her flight, Lily stays fresh by applying face masks and also uses under-eye patches to prevent her eyes from looking tired: “I do masks in-flight. I always have those little Klorane under-eye patches that I just think are so fabulous, and usually an hour before landing I’ll put them on and apologize to the stewardesses for scaring them when they see me. Those are really, really good ones—they work, they’re just amazing. I always have some in my purse or wallet or somewhere. And I always do a little touch up when we’re landing—it’s a great way to pass time as you’re landing since you have to turn off all of your electronics. And then those little things, like a spritz of perfume to feel a bit fresher when you land.” 

 When it comes to travel style, Lily says she always brings a comfortable scarf because they have so many uses when you're on the go and look great too: “Really comfortable scarves, because I like to get cozy on the plane since they can get so cold. And then when you land, if you’re in an exotic or tropical place, you can use them as sarongs. I like to travel as compact as possible and really think about what I’m packing, because I like to carry-on most of the time, so scarves are great to use as a two-for-one.

Lily Aldridge Shares Her Travel Beauty & Style Tips

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