Clean Fashion Is Beautiful in Its Simplicity and Timelessness

When you think of some of the greatest fashion icons of all time, such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, or Princess Diana, you think of clean lines, well fitted dresses, blazers, and pant suits. These classic, clean fashions never go out of style and continue to be used throughout the fashion industry today. 

Clean fashion is minimalist and classic, consisting of clean lines, smooth textures, and solid prints. It never goes out of style and can be worn anytime, anywhere. The simple lines don't require statement articles of clothing, because in their simplicity and design, they make their own statement by drawing the eye. However, they also work as the perfect foundation for a statement piece to stand on its own and won't detract from it. 

A fitted sheath dress in black or white is a prime example of a classic, clean, yet sexy fashion staple. It will always be in style and its simplicity speaks volumes. When worn, it doesn't add to the woman's qualities, or distract from it. It simply lets her own beauty show without attracting too much attention to itself, but it always looks great!

A white blazer is another example of a great clean fashion statement. Worn over a white or black blouse, a white blazer can be business or casual, while a pop of color will make it worthy of a girls' night out. Worn sans bra with no blouse, strategic fashion tape, and a simple lariat necklace, it becomes a striking look for evening to any event. It can be paired with a pencil skirt or white slacks and a pair of heels and look amazing!

You can make a bold statement by combining a clean, neutral shade top with a bright, simple skirt or, if you would like an accessory to standout, you can keep your clothing in neutral shades and wear accessories that are a bold, solid hue. Just remember to keep the lines and fabrics simple. If you fail to do this, it looks like you are trying too hard. Remember, less is more here. 

Men's fashion is no exception to clean lines and simplicity. Men who wear a simple, but well-fitted suit with clean lines never fail to catch our eye on the runway or on the red carpet. Once again, simple, smooth, and clean are your goal. If you choose to go bold, only use bold color for you accessories, such as a tie and handkerchief.

Clean fashion is great in its simple structure and is timeless in its elegance and grace. Take some of the advice above and you’ll be cleaner than a home cleaning service like Handy. These pieces in your wardrobe are never a waste of money and will always be in style. They can be dressed up or down and will become your favorite pieces and remain favorites for years to come.

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