Ways to Step Up Your Travel and Food Photography Game

Ways to Step Up Your Travel and Food Photography Game

Going to gorgeous destinations and visiting some of the best restaurants are definitely among the best ways to enjoy life. We here at Good Things are firm believers of sharing those experiences so others can enjoy them too.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos and share them with the world. The tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you step up your travel and food photography game without a problem.

Always Search for Good Light

Whenever you’re out taking pictures, always be aware of where the good light is. When visiting a beach, for example, timing your visit properly will help you get great shots with nothing but your phone. The golden hours – around 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon – are the best times to capture the beauty of your travel destination.

The same can be said for food photography and capturing the exquisite dishes you’re trying. When visiting a restaurant, try to find a table near a window so you have plenty of light to work with. You can also find other sources of light if you’re taking pictures at night. A nearby standing lamp is usually a great source of light to use.

Never Use Your Flash

The flash on your phone is too small to produce flat and flattering light. Most of the time, you will end up with an overexposed photo against a dark background. The same LED flash is not strong enough to cover the entire frame when the subject is too far from the camera either.

There are plenty of ways to overcome these shortcomings, but the best way to produce good quality travel and food photos is by not using the built-in flash. You will have a much better image to work with.

Whenever there are dark areas or when you need to boost the brightness of the image, simply import the photo to Snapseed or your favorite image editing app and tweak it a little bit. Don’t overdo the image editing either, since you will get a lot of noise or an unnatural-looking photo as a result.

Ways to Step Up Your Travel and Food Photography Game

Shoot More, Share More

The best way to improve your photography game, however, is by taking more pictures and sharing more. Don’t just keep the photos to yourself. Share them on social media and get feedback from other users. There are a lot of things to learn along the way.

Don’t hesitate to use hashtags to attract attention. Some hashtags will even allow you to join important campaigns and be part of something larger. The #MeatAnd2Veg hashtag, for example, is helping Orchid raise a lot of money for the male cancer charity. Ladbrokes is joining the Meat and 2 Veg campaign by donating £1,000 for the first 200 food photos shared, and £1500 if more than 250 photos are shared.

The more pictures you take, the more you will learn to overcome different challenges. The more photos you share, the more insights you will have on the kind of travel and food photos other people love to see. This, combined with the previous tips we talked about earlier, will take you to the next level in no time.

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