Adriana Lima's Viral "McChicken" Quote is Unfortunately Fake

Adriana Lima's Viral "McChicken" Quote is Unfortunately Fake

A quote attributed to Brazilian model Adriana Lima has been sadly confirmed as fake. Sadly, because it was pure genius and hilarious which is why it got so much attention. The quote gained a lot of traction via twitter before a representative for the model came forward to state that she's simply never uttered those words. 

Wondering exactly what the fake quote said? It had something to do with a McChicken and references an explicit viral video that hit the internet a few months ago. -"It’s flattering knowing men desire me. But then I remember a man would also have sex with a McChicken. So I don’t let it get to my head.” 

 Still, even if she didn't say it - she kinda should have.

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