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Constanze Saemann by Ryan Brabazon for Vogue Ukraine June 2017


Model Constanze Saemann takes a trip to a lake in the woods for the June 2017 issue of Vogue Ukraine. Photographed by Ryan Brabazon, Constanze is outfitted in designs by Alexander Wang. Wearing oversized denim, slouchy shirts and sheer panel dresses, Constanze transforms into a wistful beauty.

Celebrating Fashion Failures at the Oscars


We all know that the Academy Awards are all about movies and glamour. But that doesn’t stop us from keeping ourselves amused by some of the more far-out fashion faux pas that have struck the red carpet in recent years.

This year’s selection of gowns, dresses and tuxedos was actually pretty constrained, especially when you consider what went down at the 2017 Grammys. So here’s a look back over some of the more outlandish fashion creations from Oscars history.

We all love the Bjork, but most of us were scratching our heads when the Icelandic singing star turned up at the 2001 Academy Awards wearing what appeared to be a swan. Although it’s still not known exactly why she wore such a bizarre outfit, it’s clear that it’s one of the most iconic red carpet moments in Oscars history.

But there’s something about the Oscars that seems to let even our most stylish actresses make an almighty mistake. And we all admit that we kind of enjoyed the Academy Awards in 2010 when Charlize Theron seemed to think that it was a good idea to wear a weird purple dress with what looked like two lilac cinnamon buns positioned very strategically.

And it’s been great to see that even Gwyneth Paltrow has a sense of humour in talking about some of her Oscars fashion fiascos. Whether it was that weird Alexander McQueen dress that could have definitely used a bra in 2002, or the gaudy pink Ralph Lauren gown from 1999, it seems that the actress could use a little assistance in her fashion choices.

All of these style failures show what happens when our stars get a little too creative in their dress selections. Perhaps they would be better served by keeping their looks more traditional and classic like you’d expect to see at a glamorous casino. Some online gaming sites like New Jersey Online Casinos have included a blog post about which celebrities love to hit the casinos, and whilst Ben Affleck might not have the best fashion sense, his two Academy Awards and numerous blackjack adventures show that there’s more to life than getting dressed up.

So rather than trying to be too avant-garde by wearing swans and see-through tops, perhaps our stars could take tip from a movie icon like Molly Ringwald who used the 2010 Academy Awards to show off a chic, original and glamorous outfit that wouldn’t look out of place at a casino!

Outfit Inspiration: Lace-Up

Outfit Inspiration: Lace-Up

Slip into this season's loosely laced-up pieces to breathe fresh life into knitwear, skirts, accessories and more. With corset-inspired criss-cross lace-up, these simple designs have been given a new twist with eyelet holes, oversized laces and unfussy, almost slouchy styling. The simple white blouse has been made new with an open lace-up front.

Chunky over-sized sweaters have been reinvented with athletic-inspired running up their fronts. The new gladiator sandal utilizes lazer cut-outs and suede lace finishes. Take a blouse with lace-up detail and you can craft summer outfits with jeans, or pair your vintage shirts with a corset-style mini-skirt to give them a trend-driven update. The choice is yours. Below is some outfit inspiration to get you started.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

Fashion is once again in love with the 1970s, and it's an obsession that never seems to end. Just look to the current collections of Chloe or Saint Laurent to see how this era still strongly influences the clothes that are currently en vogue. With that in mind, here is a look back at the style icons that are surely inspiring designers. These are people who are memorable not just for what they achieved but also for their exceptional, and exceptionally individual, style.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

German model turned singer Nico, best known for lending her vocals to the Velvet Underground and being friends with artist Andy Warhol, had a dark beatnik-inspired look, including pieces such as a simple black roll neck sweater, a houndstooth skirt, and some black kohl eyeliner to frame her memorable gaze.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

Diane Keaton's tomboy style was like no other. Mixing classic shirts with tailored trousers, ties, waistcoats, and knits, Keaton's layered and effortless look was timeless and completely unparalleled.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

Diana Ross's style was all about full-on sophistication, but that didn't stop her from experimenting with bold stripes, suits, and an array of intricately designed sequined and heavily embellished dresses—and let's not forget her signature hair.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

Blondie's Debbie Harry mixed elements of glam and punk rock to create her style, clashing neon pieces with leather biker jackets and feminising the look with striking makeup, her platinum blonde locks, and figure-flaunting jumpsuits. Harry's inventive and often improvised style remains singular to her.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

The granddaughter of Ernest, Margaux Hemingway held supermodel status in the '70s and was known for her thick brows and sun-kissed complexion. Her casual style was a mixture of oversized, comfortable pieces while at night, she went ultra-glam in off-the-shoulder dresses and swept-back hair.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

Bianca Jagger fearlessly did things differently, creating an original wardrobe that stood out during the '70s era. From playing with androgynous suits to rocking capes, fur, and feathers, Jagger experimented with her look in an empowering and memorable way.

The Most Uniquely Dressed Style Icons from the ’70s

British icon Jane Birkin has a Hermes bag named after her for a good reason. Known for her micro mini-dresses, classic white shirts, flares, and of course, her straw basket bag, Birkin's fashion sense still looks just as fashion-forward today.

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